The Black Stone

The Black Stone

After Abraham finished building the Ka’bah, one rock was missing (in order to complete the Ka’bah) so he asked Ishmael to look for a rock. He searched and upon returning he found that his father had already inserted a rock. So he asked his father, “O father where did you get this rock from?” He said, “Gabriel brought it to me from the Heavens.” And thus they completed the building of the Ka’bah.

When this rock was sent down from the heavens, it was whiter than milk. The Prophet said:
“The Black Stone was sent down from the heavens whiter than milk, but yet it was blackened by the sins of man.” (Tirmidthi)

The Black Stone is positioned at the south corner of the Ka’bah next to its door. It is about 1.10 meters above the ground and is set into the wall of the Ka’bah. The one who circumambulates around the Ka’bah must make sure the Black Stone is to their left.

Station of Abraham

The Prophet said:
“The Yemeni corner and the Station of Ibraheem are two precious stones from Jannah (Heavenly Gardens), and had it not been that Allah removed their light, they would have enlightened all that was between the east and the west.” (Ibn Hibban)

The Station of Abraham is the rock upon which Abraham stood while building the Ka’bah. His son Ishmael helped him build it, by passing him the rocks.
As Prophet Abraham was placing the stones, his footprints were cast on the very stone he stood on. Both Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael were supplicating Allah as follows: O our Lord accept from us! Indeed you are the All-Hearing and All-Seeing. (2:127)

The footprints of Prophet Abraham are still visible today. At present, it is encased in a case. God orders the believers to perform prayers behind this station, saying: And We charged Abraham and Ishmael, saying, ‘Purify My House for those who circumambulate around the House and those who stay there for worship and those who bow and prostrate (in prayer). (2:125)