The Fundamental Goals of Islam

The fundamental goals of Islam are:

  • Preservation of the religion of Islam

  • Preservation of life

  • Preservation of wealth

  • Preservation of mind

  • Preservation of lineage

  • Preservation of honor

The Prophet Muhammad said: “Indeed Allah has made your lives, your wealth, and your honor sacred, like the sanctity of this day (the Day of ‘Arafah in Hajj), in this sacred month (the month of Dhul-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar) in this sacred city (Makkah and its surroundings).” (Bukhari)

He also said: “Shall I tell you who is a true believer? A person who others can trust with their money and lives. A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand others are safe. A true fighter in the path of Allah is one who strives against the inner yearnings of his self in order to obey Allah, and the true emigrant is one who leaves sins and wrongful acts.” (Ibn Hibban)